I Will Sue You for Quitting Music – Fan Threatens Afande Sele

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TANZANIA – After Seleman Msind aka Afande Sele released his hit song, HanaHatia and posted it on his YouTube account titled Afande Sele, One of his fans opened up to Moyoni claiming he had filed a lawsuit against Afande Sele for quitting music.

The fan, who goes by the name of Revo Kachira, dropped this comment on Afande Sele’s YouTube
account. In this, he announced to file a lawsuit against Seleman Msind alias Afande Sele for bwing ‘selfish’ and quitting music yet he has a message.

“Now I assure you, I will take you to court for quitting music. Come and answer the public
because you have stopped educating them. I’m not kidding bro, that gift God gave you to save a
generation, now you’ve grown selfish and aggressive” the fan started his say. He added that Afande Sele should go back to studio and do the needful.

“Go back to the studio broo Go back to the studio and give us just one album because there is so much you have done and you have not stopped the community from leaving the music. If you do not want to, then I am gathering lawyers to shut you up, I believe while you are there you will find time to write your Strong Telescope Dances, a spear in the heart and perspective ” he concluded.


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