I shall receive my invitation last, Hajji Abdul Nadduli

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Verbally gifted National Resistance Movement party stronghold Hajji Abdul Nadduli has informed that his invitation to President Museveni’s swearing shall come last since he is a Very Important Person.

People had started speculating bad blood between Nadduli and NRM but he bashed them off saying “The American women say save the last for best,” hence he believes “because my invite will come last so that I arrive with H.E himself.”

He made a juxtaposition between his invitation and his appointment as a “Minister without Polio.” In relation to this, he said that while other MPs were in a quest to grab ministries, he sat back and watched but ended up with one.

Hajji Abdul Nadduli believes his high level of wisdom is the reason why he is highly sought by the head of state as he has grown and is currently different from what he was as a child.

“By the time I was born, I was already a very youngling infant this smallish,” and added, “But now I am a grown wisdom here in the head, the wisdom here in the teeth, the wisdom here in wrinkles, and also wisdom here in the grey hair.”

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President Museveni is set to swear in on Wednesday, however, the number of invited guests has been limited due to covid-19, hopefully, Nadduli shall make it to the list.




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