I met Maggie in 1999 and ran away with her Goat – Rabadaba

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A few days ago, the forever upcoming musician Rabadaba was taken to meet Maggie Kaweesi’s parents in Entebbe.

However, this didn’t go well with social media in-laws as they questioned Maggie’s thinking.  Many claimed that Maggie’s invested in everything and also paid her won dowry.

While appearing in an interview with a local television Rabadaba was asked to say something about his new commitment. He responded by saying that this is not something that was started yesterday but it has years from way back in 1999. He said that the late Ak47’s widow was his first girlfriend. Rabadaba says he is the one that took away Maggie’s goat.

Additionally, he said that they been together even before the death of AK47 and it was early this year when the two decided to start from where they had stopped.

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“I meant Maggie way back in 1999, she was my first girlfriend. It was before the media knew we existed. She still had her goat and I ran away with it.  I knew one day we shall get back together. I have no bad blood with anyone because the heart always finds its way to its desires,” he said.


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