I am Sorry – Stanley Ndawula Speaks About Leaked Pics and Videos of Aisha Lee

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The endangered Stanley Ndawula and the owner of the Investigator online news portal has come out to take the blame and apologize to Aisha Lee after her pics and videos leaked. This comes a day after social media was sent to awash on the release of Aisha Lee’s nudity.

On the same note, the veteran journalist Stanley Ndawula has come out to defend himself and let the public know what went on. In his statement, he asserts that he is sorry to Aisha Lee, to her family, to his friends and his family too. He asserts that however much this was done through his name, it was not him.

My issue here is to apologize to Aisha, and her followers, her friends, her relatives, for what actually she has gone through at the hands of the hackers. And i want to apologize to my friends who at one minute thought it could be me who did it. I also apologize to the general public and to those that did not know about me, this is me Stannley Ndawula  and at my 50, I can not do such a stupid thing.” Stanley started his apology.

He again added that, he has already reported the issue and he is in touch with police to establish the culprits in this. We again have landed a detailed story of what happened between Stanley Mdawula and Aisha Lee, you can read it here at Daily Spear News

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