Human Resource Officer Kakumiro District S3x Tape Video Leak, He Chews a Junior Staff

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The Kakumiro The Senior Human Resource Manager Kakumiro district local government Michael Tumusiime Lubowa has been busted and exposed in a leaked s3x tape video. According to sources, this video was recorded by the senior local government official while busy drilling the oil wells of his junior staff.

In this leaked video of Michael Tumusiime Lubowa, he is seen busy drilling the visibly not enjoying junior staff as he is all smiles. It is in the same video that we learn that, the happy bellied man is drilling the young innocent girl even without protection.

Further more, in this viral Michael Tumusiime Lubowa leaked video, the girl in it is seen activating the silent mode, the Robinah Mweruka style. Although she was hissing a little bit, she seemingly not to have been enjoying the whole thing. Something that shows that she was being forced to sleep with Michael.

While this all was going on, the Kakumiro district human resource Michael Tumusiime Lubowa was the one recording the video tape for himself as he enjoyed the whole process. Netizens have reacted saying that, with the beauty this young girl possesses, she may be a victim of pressure for some promotion at work. And the same people praise Michael for having have mastered the d.o.g.g.y style as he is seen pounding in it.

Viral Video

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S3x for promotions or jobs has been a song of the day in Uganda as bosses tend to use young girls to satisfy their s3xual urges in exchange of jobs and promotions at work. That is the whole thing we see in this video as posted at Busted Ug.

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Michael Tape Leaked


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