How will the approval of COVIDEX affect Covid-19 treatment?

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Uganda’s National Drug Authority has approved the use of COVIDEX as a supporting treatment for viral infections including Covid-19, however, the big question is, how will this affect Covid-19 treatment in the country.

COVIDEX was made by Professor Patrick Ogwang of Mbarara University of Science and Technology, however, it was just one of the other multiple laboratory-made treatments for Covid-19 as well as sanitizers.

Therefore, the Ministry of Health and Professor Ogwang had warned the public against consuming the herbal remedy on grounds that it was still undergoing some tests to confirm its possible side effects.

“Only a few people have used it so far to relieve their symptoms of covid-19. More proof is needed to show how it works against Covid-19. Clinic trials that prove as medicine or effective has not yet been done due to funding limitations,” said Professor Ogwang.

However, by this time, the remedy had already hit the market in Kampala where people are filled with panic over the surge in numbers of people suffering from the virus that grows everyday.

At the time, each 20 ml bottle went for 10,000 Uganda shillings and it was advised by Pharmacists that for efficient protection against the feared virus, an individual required at least 7 bottles of the herbal remedy.

The locally made herb medicine has finally got a green light from the National Drug Authority after two weeks of thorough testing and engagement with innovators so as to assess the product.

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At the affirmation of COVIDEX as treatment for covid-19 therefore leaves a wonder of how it will affect the treatment system since currently, people are battling with extremely high medical bills to survive.

Will pharmacists manipulation the situation to increase the price of the local remedy, only time can tell the tale best.

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