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How the Word Gwe Osilike has Trended in Ugandan Memes

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When the president of Uganda said that Uganda entandise okuwomela (meaning Uganda had just started to be sweet for him), we all took it lightly. But surely, ki Uganda kiwooma and as a matter of fact, the East African country leads in beating boredom by creating memes. and here is Gwe Osilike word that has trended in memes.

The same word Gwe Osilike has trended on all social media platforms and it is following the steps of words like Omugenzi, which made Mzee Matte Jjemba raise to fame out of a blue. As a matter of plain fact, This word has been versatile thus being used and applied to any situation in the current state.

Some memes go as, “teeka rent wo ku Arsenal gwe osilike” “”gaana okumila postinor gwe osilike” “lya omulondo gwo ne emwanyi” and many other captions are made involving the word. This has actually made it one of the most trending and more used words in Uganda.

What are memes and why are they important?

For starters, memes are those photos, words used in a comic way to create laughter or get someone submerged in laughter. And these memes are very crucial in a society as they help people to fight depression and laugh for minutes.

Memes also help individuals to get informed about something that they could not have known and also help pass time the positive way. Gwe Osilike is here.

gwe osilike


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