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Highly Recommended Foods for Pregnant Women

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Pregnant women are usually placed under the category of vulnerable people in society since
they are at a high risk of contracting diseases and also have another life growing inside them.
Here are 5 highly recommend foods for pregnant women.

1. Dairy products

Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt are highly recommended for pregnant women.
This is because they contain two kinds of protein, casein and whey alongside other nutrients
such as calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, magnesium and zinc.

Due to the presence of these nutrients, your digestion as a pregnant woman shall be improved
and the baby’s growth shall be greatly improved since it’ll have strong bones.

2. Legumes

Legumes would include foods such as beans. They provide plant based fiber, proteins, folate
and calcium which are very fundamental for the body especially when a lady is pregnant.

Folate specifically is one of the most important B vitamins (B9) and is particularly important for
not only the mother but also the baby especially during the first trimester and even before this
period. They are nice foods for pregnant women also.

3. Sweet potatoes

Just like the name goes, these are in deed sweet and also essential for a pregnant woman. They contain
beta carotene, a plant compound that the body converts into Vitamin A after you have consumed it.

Vitamin A is crucial for the development of the baby and consuming it through sweet potatoes is also
important since consuming it through animals that can also provide vitamin A like organ meats can be
toxic when excessively consumed. They are nice foods for pregnant women.

4. Eggs

Known to contain nearly all food values, eggs are a must have on your list of foods to consume during
pregnancy. An egg is known to contain 80 calories, high quality protein, fat, various vitamins and

Aside from this, eggs also contain choline which is important during pregnancy since it helps with the
development of a baby’s brain and also limiting on abnormalities in the brain and spine

5. Dark, leafy vegetables

Dark, leafy vegetables like spinach, sukuma wiki and dodo are also high recommended. Although you
may not be interested in these, you can always add them as a side dish to your meals.

There rich content of vitamins is paramount for the development of the baby and also helps to keep
them from being victims of illnesses such as anemia. They are nice foods for pregnant women.

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