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Hanson Baliruno and Nankya Jommie at a Verbal War

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Musician and song writer, Hanson Baliruno threatens to end urban and Urban Television
presenter life Jommie Nankya, following her negative remarks towards the singer she allegedly shared on the national television.

Nankya Jommie and Hanson Baliruno share insults on a recorded phone audio that they had
which has been making rounds on social media .

The Kapyaata , Njaga , For you hit singer Hanson Baliruno urges the presenter not to provoke his anger because he would be willing to end up in Luzira prison for a murder case than being trended on by her.
He threatens to pour on her acid, beat her up or end her life whether at her work place or her
home. However with all this going on the “short circuit “ presenter kept calm .

Nankya Jommie kept on defending herself saying she never abused him on live television and
urges him to go to the police station with the recordings showing that she abused him so that
they can handle the matter in a more mature manner than exchanging words via a phone call.

Nankya Jommie also added that all she ever said is that she didn’t enjoy Hanson’s music which is an
opinion and he cannot force her to love his music. It remains to be seen if Nankya will file in a
formal complaint against the musician at the police following these horrifying threats.


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