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Grand M – Biography, Net worth, Comedy, Music, Relationship 2021

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Grand M is a popular Malian comedian and musician who became famous due to his unique laughter and facial expression especially using his eyes. Oh yes, he is that guy that is always trending on the social App, Tiktok. Here is Grand M biography, net worth, relationship, health issue, comedy, music.

Grand M Biography and Age

The comedian and singer was born on December 15th 2000. He is from Mali, West Africa and raised in Bamako, the capital city of Mali, coming from the household of Natoume. Though his parents are low-income earners, they ensured him and his siblings were given a good life. He is a pygmy. And as of 2021, Grand M is 20 years old.

Career Path

Ever since he was still young, the comedian’s dream was to become a professional footballer. He spent most of his free time playing football. However, due to his short height and body weight, he was often a victim of ridicule and bullying from his peers. Even as a teenager, the mockery did not cease.

Nevertheless, he chose not to let the obstacles and bad experience diminish his self-esteem. He turned the mockery to his advantage and started making funny faces, which made those around him burst into laughter.

Soon enough, people began taking pictures and turning them into memes. Eventually, his memes went viral on social media as thousands of people worldwide began using them. Propelling Grand M career forward, he started dropping funny videos on Instagram, which also went viral. As a result, he got a huge number of followers on the app. The funniest thing about his videos is how he rolls his eyes.

His content is exceptional, and he has grown into the most prominent social media comedian in his country. He is also one of the biggest comedians on the African continent. His stage name is in honor of his favorite football star, Lionel Messi.

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Music Career

Other than comedy, he is also a singer and has released several singles. His most famous single is titled Messi.

The artist is one of the most influential musicians in Mali and the African continent. He has gained vast acceptance by people on social media.

Health Issue

The comedian, suffers from Dwarfism, which makes him look smaller than people of his age. He is one of the talented people who took adverse treatment from peers and turned it into something positive.

Grand M Relationship/Family

Does Grand M have a girlfriend? The Malian comedian/musician leads a very discreet life. It has not been confirmed whether he is dating someone of late.

Grand M Net Worth

He is one of the richest celebrities in Mali, his net worth is estimated to be between $500,000 – $700,000 as of 2021. He earns his money by his comedy and it has been his major source of his income.

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