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I Don’t Need Anything From You – Grace Khan To Prince Omar

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Grace Khan shows her wrath after Prince Omar denies saying he is not responsible of her pregnancy.

A few dats ago, Grace Khan came to the lime light alleging she is pregnant for the upcoming musician Prince Omar. Unfortunately on hearing about this, Prince Omar was quick to distance himself from the
allegations saying all that stops in rumor.

Additionally Grace Khan said that there is no way he can be responsible to the pregnancy of someone he knows nothing about minus knowing her as a musician.

Filled with anger, Grace Khan has responded to Omar through a local television saying it’s not that she needs help from him. But she was just informing him about his unborn baby. She said she is no longer interested in Omar but one thing she is sure of is that the truth will not take long to come out.
“I have someone who is taking care of me and the pregnancy, he is so understanding to that extent and I am no longer interested in Prince Omar. The truth will always come out and it never takes long,” she said

Additionally, Grace Khan reminded Omar that she has already moved on with someone very understanding and she is ready to settle with him than waste her time.

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