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God’s Plan Ug May be Sentenced to Death if Found Guilty

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The former boyfriend of TV star Sheila Gashumba, Marcus Lwanga aka God’s Plan Ug was arrested and detained at Kabalagala Police station as preliminary investigations were commenced after a young woman yet to be identified reported a sexual abuse case against the ex-convict.

God’s Plan Ug was however released on police bond after paying an unspecified amount of
money. However, his troubles seem to be far from over since it has been learnt that he may be
sentenced to death if he is found guilty and given the capital penalty for his offense.

Charles Twiine the CID Spokesperson while speaking to the press revealed that the nature of his
offence, if proven guilty, will earn him a good number of years in jail or a maximum penalty of

Twiine revealed that in such circumstances, God’s Plan Ug had to first be tested to ascertain his
mental state and to check his HIV status before they prefer charges against him. He said his case
file has been sent to the State attorney before he can be taken to court.


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