GNL Zamba Appears in Infinity EP 2021

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Just after a few months of greatness with his The Spear album 2021, rapper and Lugaflow grandfather GNL Zamba appears in another one. It is none other than The Infinity EP (Extended Play) many call it a mini album 2021.

The Infinity EP/Album is another true story of the rapper that he has coded in the songs that he has put together. Just like he told the true African story in his The Spear album, it is the same thing the rapper is pulling on Infinity EP 2021.

Ever since GNL Zamba got a Zungu lover, his lifestyle changed completeley and he became more of the African touch that never before. More so, he has been seen trying out a lot to define himself like acting in the Hollywood and doing other things.

Who is GNL Zamba?

Ernest Tulye Nsimbi Lupiazitta Zamba is a Ugandan Rap Icon, Best known as GNL Zamba. With a career spanning over 10 years at the top of his game and a decade since his landmark debut album, 2009’s Riddles of Life “KOYIKOYI”. His latest music project is Infinity EP/Album 2021.


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Over 50 awards to his name in his native Uganda, Millions of album sales, Regional tours, and Concerts. GNL Zamba’s sound is a Catchy blend of Lugaflow, Hip-hop, and Afrobeats. GNL has held sold-out stadium shows in Africa, the SXSW Festivals and more.

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