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Girl in the Viral Kitende Video Finally Identified, Her Health Status is Shocking

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Netizens have already nicknamed her “Silent Minority” because of her being mute while doing the 4some with her ‘besties’ in the viral Kitende Video. And according to a leaked WhatsApp conversation, this mysterious girl in the Kitende video has been identified and they say she is even having HIV/AIDS!

If you watch closely this video, the girl in this Kitende video is seen enjoying bananas of three young boys, of which one of them had got tired and was searching for water to drink in the room. On the same note, while one was eating from her behind, she was as well holding the banana of another guy and the whole game was so hot.

But what surprised many, is that this girl did not bother to make any sound in the whole Kitende video to show that she was enjoying the thing. This left us wondering whether she was not feeling anything from the three boys, or else she is just a silent minority naturally as she is being called.

In this leaked conversation, someone is seen saying that he knows that girl and that she is HIV/AIDS positive. He moved on to say that his boys have died young. “I know this girl, she got AIDS first of all, my niggas done died young” the source revealed in a chat.

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Kitende Video


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