Geosteady drops ‘soulmate’ love Ballard Brand New

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Famous singer Geosteady Blackman has yet again dropped another fascinating single dubbed
‘Soulmate.’ This is the freshest tune from the vocalist, songwriter and producer.

Unlike all his previous songs in which he only professes his love, this time round, he goes ahead
to describe his Soulmate and all her wonderful attributes both physical and character related.

With outstanding beauty and a character worth falling for, surely there is no better to describe
the girl Geosteady had fallen in love with and all I can say is that the song truly does justice to this
anonymous girl.

In some of the notable lyrics, he speaks of her as an addiction or a possession with which he
wants to go everywhere and no matter where he goes, she will always be his number one

Does that this ring a bell?, In case it doesn’t, remember Bebe Cool’s ‘love you everyday,’ you
certainly remember how he spoke of a love that would always bring back to Zuena no matter

Perfect, looks like we actually got a juxtaposition for the situation, everyone knows how deeply
Bebe Cool feels for Zuena and from the look of things, this is exactly what Geosteady is voicing
out to whoever he loves.

In case you haven’t listened to how far and how deep this love description goes you are
certainly lagging behind. The song Soulmate is already available on YouTube so go check it go and be
ready to get amazed with the combination of lyrics and vocals.


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