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Geosteady classifies marriage as the hardest thing on earth

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The “owooma” singer Geosteady came out on his social media and announced that marriage is indeed the hardest thing on Earth.

This reaction was sparked off by the multiple rumors that the singer was yet to get engaged following his honey-filled lyrics in the recently realized “energy” song that got people doing conclusions.

However, Geosteady has come out to shut up the chatterboxes as he confessed on his social media that marriage must be respected for it’s position as one of the hardest things on Earth.

“Yagala Gaana, Obufumbo Sibwangu 😳Musule bulungi,” read the post that crushed many people’s hopes.

No wonder the musician has been going around in circles while everyone was anticipating his wedding that would come shortly after he popped the big question to his long-time lover.

His theory maybe right though especially with the rate at which hometown celebrities are parting ways as most recently we saw the “andele” couple calling it quits which was right away followed by Daxx Kartel and Momo-19.

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But some other people are just blessed as they’ve conquered even the impossible. Zuena for instance made a wish and she’ll surely have a smile plastered on her face forever.

This only means that while marriage may be a challenge in deed, you may be the next Zuena and Bebe Cool or better yet, you could be the next generation’s Babi and Bobi so give it a try.

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