Geosteady Blackman Appears in Marigino Brand New Song 2021

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Blackman Records boss Geosteady has resurfaced with a brand new song called (Ndaga amarigino) Marigino. The singer has announced the coming of his yet to be monster tune this 2021 and assures fans he is back in action fully.

The vocalist is yet back with a brand new style of music as he drops Marigino (Ndaga amagirino) and asks his lover to take him through the love corners in there originality. This keeps him afloat in the music industry since it is slow sinking after the government ignored it due to covid-19 pandemic attack.

Geosteady before dropping Marigino (ndaga amarigino) song, he first released his Oonvah song which relatively did good. Now, to make sure he still remains relevant, he has Amarigino brand new song. He talks of a girl he found donning a dress that attracted his attention to be with her.

Something we don’t know may be his new catch or. Part of Marigino song lyrics goes as “wanyuma nyo mukiduula nalaba bangi bakuwaana ngo’nyiridde mukateteeyi wenna nga kakusaana” which means that he swa her in a dance party and everyone was applauding her in her sweet fitting dress, she caught his attention.




Ndaga Amarigino (Marigino) song is produced by a one Diggy Baur of Sound Cover records and written by Geosteady himself. Let us just groove on the music. Keep it Times Uganda.

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