Full Figure Reveals the Source of Kusasira’s Covid-19

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Motor mouthed Jennifer Full Figure has come out to reveal where Catherine Kusasira
contracted Covid-19 from.

Basing on Mama Museveni, Catherine Kusasira contracted the deadly virus from her school
going daughter who had long suffered with the virus and brought it home once all schools
country wide were shutdown.

The Full Figure theory went on to inform that the child had for long been suffering from the
virus, however, the school decided to conceal the information from the family for fear of being

Subsequently, once the gurl returned home, she spread the virus to her entire family no
wonder Kusasira contracted the virus that squeezed her to the wall and saw her drop 10kgs in
such a short period.

Catherine Kusasira’s child brought Covid to her family from school, the child was at school
battling Covid but teachers couldn’t speak because they feared to close their businesses,” said
Full Figure on a local television station.

Recently, Catherine Kusasira came out to narrate her ordeal while battling with coronavirus right
from the outrageous hospital bills, to the symptoms she was faced with and finally, the loss of
10 kgs.

The source of the virus was however never mentioned until Full Figure took it upon herself to
notify that unfortunately, a sick child that the school decided to keep a secret was the source of
the disease.


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We should keep Kusasira and her entire family in prayer during this trying time as they battle
with the deadly Covid-19.

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