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Four Artists Who Will Be Apart Of Azawi’s “African Music.”

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African music is Azawi’s fourteen truck album set to be dropped on the 9th of October. However, out of the fourteen songs, four are collaborations with other Ugandan artist. Here are the artists that shall grace Azawi’s “African music” album with their presence;

1. Benon Mugumbya:

Back in the 2000, Benon had made a name for himself however, in 2008, he decided to focus his energies on music production. That is until 2021 when he has decided to make his presence known again by appearing in Azawi’s “Thankful” which shall be a duet merging two great voices.

2. Fik Fameica:

Kawempe president as he loves to call himself Fik Fameica is also one of the artists that Azawi shall be working with to make the dream of her “African music” album come true. The two are working on a song known as “majje” which can only be translated to something relating to the army or rather, armed forces.

3. A Pass:

Song number 7 on the truck list is “Face me” which he feature none other than the “dididada” singer. Although it has been a while since A Pass last dropped one of his memorable songs, he is back again and this time round, he will be working with Azawi. We surely can’t wait for this song to finally drop and have us totally amazed.

4. Eddy Kenzo:

The BET award winning star shall also grace the album since he will feature alongside Azawi in the song dubbed “Nkuchekele” so as we anticipate this audio, we can be sure it sums up all the best artists you can think of.

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Conclusively, this album shall not only bring out the best of Azawi but shall also feature some of the country’s best artists.

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