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Nina Roz Returns in Fire Single

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Black Market Record’s musician Nina Roz set to release Fire single on the 22nd of October 2021.

Since the year started, Nina Roz has released a number of songs such as billboard, nangana, enyoonta among various other songs that have dominanted the billboard chart list.

However, she had spent a lengthy period of time without releasing a single song which made people make a number of speculations as to what could have dragged her music career backwards.

Initially, there was a belief that her music career was stagnant because of romantic issues that had transpired between her and Black Markets Records boss Daddy Andre who was also her lover.

Things even got sour to the point that both Nina Roz and Bruno K had threatened to file a lawsuit against Black Markets Records.

Currently, things seem to have settled as Nina Roz has resumed her vibrant music career and will on Monday be releasing her “fire” song.

Behind this song, she has set the record straight by saying that she will never let herself be failure but rather, whatever she has been through will serve as a lesson to her life and others.

As she revives her music career, we pray for her to attain excel and success beyond her previous means.

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