Fik Fameica and Azawi Hit in Majje Brand New Song

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President of Kawempe Fik Fameica alongside Swangz Avenue’s Azawi set to collaborate on the
“Majje/magye” hit is down. This is another hot piece from African music album of Azawi 2021.

Despite having made a number of collaborations with various Ugandan artistes, this shall be the
first time either of the artistes shall be working with the other. Certainly we anticipate this since
the two seem to have divergent genres.

However, this how good both Azawi and Fik Fameica are, there truly isn’t a doubt that they can
make it possible while working on a project as crucial and predicted to be mind-blowing at this
one that shall be dropping soon.

Prior to this, Fik Fameica had worked with the Swangz Avenue record label to produce
“tubikole” alongside Vinka. The song was the talk of town for a number of days and went on to
trend for a couple of months even up to date.


Its notable lyrics could not go unnoticed as Fik Fameica describe both Vinka and himself as a
“fashion couple” and he went on to say one of them wears white and the other wears purple. The
ending syllable of “ple” was so prominent in the song to a point that it was inevitable to listen to

This shows just how efficient Fik Fameica can work with the ladies signed up to Swangz
Avenue. Therefore, as we anticipate “majje/magye” from Azawi and Fik Fameica, we can be sure they
will deliver the best just as always.


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