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Fans Troll Patrick Salvado for Pretending to be happy for NUP supporters that were Released

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The professionally known comedian Patrick Salvado got a shock of himself when his fans named him a hypocrite and pretender.

This came following his post as he was congratulating singer Nubian Li, Eddie Mutwe, and other political prisoners who were granted bail by the general court-martial last Monday.  This post was replied to with many insults from the NUP supporters asking him since when he started caring.

A one Phiona katatu was concerned to know why Patrick Salvado failed to take part in fighting for their release but decided to celebrate their release.

“How comes you have been silent since those guys were imprisoned? How comes now your joining us in celebration? Pato checks yourself.” Phiona Katatu asked

On the hand another fun also trashed Salvado saying he is pretending to care even when he is in support of the devil

“Now even u yellow lizard ur talking? Bombowol..u serve the devil n come out to pretend that u care?take ur pity to fort portal as u wait for ur turn..u shall never get away with serving that devil.

Me tell u dis.” Leon Poseidon

To defend himself,Salvado was forced to hunt for one of his posts where he made it clear that however much he supports NRM he at times doesn’t like what the party does.

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With all this going on it should be remembered that Salvado made it public on her he is a staunch NRM supporter no wonder he had to face all these insults after wholeheartedly congratulations the NUP supporters that were released. More to Thai he faced a hard time in convincing his fans.

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