Fans Attack Samson Kasumba For Bragging

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Social media fans on a Cold War with Samson Kasumba of NBS TV after bragging about his trip to Dubai telling people that they need to make money so as to enjoy a good life.

Sharing a picture of himself taking a nap in the Uganda Airline aeroplane. Firstly, he attacked people with the local phrase that most people us has an inspirational idiom saying “mukole sente mbwa mwe” literally translated as “ You Dogs Make Money”

This did not go well with his audience as a one Muhindo Franklin reminded him of a saying that. “a man who drives his father’s car is not allowed to speak in a group of men who own bicycles.

By this he in addition, is trying to insinuate that Samson Kasumba trip was a business trip that was sponsored by a media house and this gives him no reason to brag.

As though that’s not enough, David Senkungu also added saying that if it was his heard earned money he would be humble but the fact that he did not pay a coin then he has to move around since he is not sure he will ever get another chance.

“Free things are like that no loss no cost incurred only present your head. But had you fully paid with your hard earned coins! You would sit in one place and behave yourself” he wrote


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