Fancy Fingers Releases “How I Met Your Mama” Debut Single

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The renowned music producer and composer Fancy Fingers alias Polycarp Otieno from Sauti Sol has released a major hit off his upcoming debut album “Fathers Studies”.

This song was set to be released today the 29th October 2021 and will be available for pre-add today. Ahead of the release, Fancy Fingers says, “The song is a fusion of Kenyan and Burundian sounds and optics to show my son his roots. Because that is part of his identity.” Adding, “We need to tell African stories to our young ones. I chose to start from how I met my son’s mother, my wife. Conversations with my friends also proved that most of us don’t know the full story of how our parents met.”

Fancy Fingers’ FATHER STUDIES album is more than a reflection of the life and times of an African father from different viewpoints. It’s Fancy Fingers’ way of breaking stereotypes and an intersection of his strong belief in pan Africanism, intentional fatherhood/ parenting and wellness. He says, “My hope is to inspire young African Fathers to understand that dad is destiny. Your presence physically, but more so emotionally is what your child needs to be the best they can be in life.”

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