Entebbe Express Highway No Longer Free, Here is Why

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The Ministry of Works and Transport has gazetted the Kampala-Entebbe Express Highway as a
toll road, a one to pay for when you are to use it. This is a shocker to Ugandans, although they expected it to happen, but to this soon.

Henceforth, all road users who use the Entebbe Express Highway shall be expected to pay a
certain fee before being granted the opportunity to connect to two of the country’s major

Basing on the document that was released, the vehicle types accessing the express highway
have been classified in four various classes of class 1, class 2, class 3 and class 4. The fees that
they are expected to pay include 18% VAT.

Hence class 1 vehicles which include motorcycles 400cc will pay a toll fee of UGX 3,000, class 2
which are light vehicles with 2 axles to be charged UGX 5,000, class 3 vehicles which include
light vehicles with 3 axles or more, medium goods vehicles with 2 or 3 axles will pay UGX

As for class 4 vehicles, these have been categorized into two which are large goods vehicles and
large buses with 4 and 5 axles and large good vehicles with 6 and more axles which are expected to
pay UGX 15,000 and UGX 16,000 respectively.

Payments at the Entebbe Express Highway are expected to be made in either shillings or you should have a toll card. Before making payments, slow down at a speed of 20km/h then hand over your cash or toll card to the toll collector, subsequently, you’ll be given a receipt and the gates will be opened so that you continue on your way.

These trips shall also come along with discounts such as 10 trips valid for seven (07) days at 50%
discount on toll fees with the trips expiring after the 7-day period and 60 trips valid for thirty
(30) days at a 70% discount on the toll fees with the trips expiring after the 30-day period.

While driving on the highway, drivers have been prohibited from making U-turns, reversing and
parking or stopping unless it is an emergency. Pedestrians, bicycles, motorbikes and animals are
also prohibited on the Entebbe Express Highway.


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Hence, road users traveling via the Kampala-Entebbe express highway shall be expected to
adhere to the standards that have been set by the Ministry of Works and Transport.

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