EMPTY COFFIN! Government Burying Empty Coffin of Coronavirus Victims, Residents Furious (Video)

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  • Residents forcefully opened the coffin of the Coronavirus dead person before burial and it was empty!
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Residents in Kasese, Uganda have revealed a shocking act from the Coronavirus victim burial after forcefully opening the coffin and found it was empty with no body. This happened yesterday the 14th of June after well organised covid-19 burial handlers got to a home and started their usual business.

But something fishy was seen around the burial place, and the residents demanded for the coronavirus victim coffin to be opened forcefully and it was empty. This in presence of Uganda police officers, happened and the coffin was opened and to their utter shock, there was no dead body, only a coffin filled with heavy unknown stuff.

This sparked off a huge confusion and the handlers were almost lynched. But this has sparked off a huge question, where are the dead people taken if they are not buried? Is it true that these people die of Coronavirus as alleged or something lucrative is emerging?

As speculation grew, many people have been seen vowing never to allow the government bury their deceased. Since it has turned out that this is no loner Coronavirus, but rather Coronabusiness! There is a huge speculation that human organs trafficking has been carried out massively in disguise of coronavirus deaths.

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Where do the dead bodies go? Is there anyone that should be held accountable for this mess? And is Coronavirus the one killing people? How can the government prove this?

Keep safe, stay safe, mask up and sanitize, as this is still a developing story.


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