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SCREEN SHOOTS: Kenzo Crowned A Senior Cheater as he Copies All His Captions.

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Edrisah Musuuza, professionally knows as Eddy kenzo no longer finds peace on social media. His fans have made it a point to mock him every time he posts something.

He has been proven that he is incapable of making his own captions. For a long time now, every time Kenzo tweets or puts anything on his social media platforms. His funs fact check him with evidence that whatever he said has been copied form somewhere else.

We would only say that this is something usual if only it is done to all musicians but it is a different case with other musicians. Even when other musicians copy inspirational captions or any other captions they are give a free pass.

Additionally, knowing that Eddy Kenzo is not good at playing with English words, his funs make him feel like he can not say any word in English even when he can. However on the positive side of this, is that Kenzo has not come out and attacked anyone for trying to give him negative energy.

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He has instead taken as some bad joke that people will get tired of soon.

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