Dre Cali to release “Sonia” hit for his Lovely Daughter

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Sensational singer Dre Cali has said he will soon release Sonia hit for his lovely daughter to listen to when she grows up. Yes the singer is mad at releasing Soniya which is a sweet song and full of meaning.

Talented vocalist Dre Cali has been sweating tooth and nail to see to it that the melodious hit is out and ready very soon so that people can listen to the lyrics of the sweet song Sonia meant for his one and only daughter.

The singer described the song as a Ragga-Dancehall with a depth dripping meaning that is not only meant to entertain the crowds but also for his daughter to listen to at a later time in her life.

“It is a song for my daughter but it’s not yet released. It’s a Ragga-Dancehall song with a sweet message that I want my girl to listen to when she grows. I’m sure it will make sense to her,” said Dre Cali while talking about Soniya song.

Dre Cali and his fiancée welcomed their lovely daughter in March 2021 and with overwhelming joy named the baby Sonia. Upon her birth, Dre Cali said he had found reason to be a better man and set a straight legacy.

Looks like he is already working upon being an exceptional father since he has been spending hours on end in the studios recording a song for his little princess to listen to at a later time in her life.

In the past, singer Patoranking also released a song for his daughter Wilmer in which he described his love for his daughter as well as the first time he ever set eyes on her and how magical the situation was.

Many parents are usually overjoyed with the birth of a baby and the celebrations vary, either a party to welcome the baby like Singer Zex Bilangilangi did or a post on social media to announce the entry of a new member of the family like Juliana Kanyomozi did.

Dre Cali has taken a whole new level with Sonia song, let us seat back and wait to be bewitched by the sounds of Dre Cali in his Sonia hit directed to his daughter. Stay tuned for the audio that we shall drop here.



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