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Dre Cali – Biography, Family, Education, Music, Net Worth

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Singer Dre Cali (Kali) also known for his love songs that heal souls, is with us today. And let us know more and an updated information about his biography, net worth, education, family and more.

Dre Cali Biography

Katende Andrew who is also popularly known as Dre Cali was born In a family of three being the
first born of two other boys. He was raised in central Uganda particularly Entebbe which is part of Wakiso district.

The 26-year-old has been in position to capture everyone’s attention with his melodious voice
that excites everyone.


While growing up, Dre Kali attended White Angels Primary School where he studied and completed primary level education sitting for the Primary Leaving Examination to join Secondary school.

Upon completion of primary education, Dre Cali joined Masaka based all boys school St. Henry’s
College Kitovu where he finished lower secondary school education and later joined Mengo
Secondary School to do his higher secondary level education.

Upon graduating from high school, he joined Mukono based Uganda Christian University where
he pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil and Environment Engineering and later graduated
although he went into the music industry.

Dre Cali Family/Relationship

Despite the fact that Dre Cali has for a long time been rumored to be in an affair with singer
Vivian Tendon, turns out Dre Kali has all along had a different lover to warm him on long cold

Recently, the two welcomed a baby girl naming her Sonia and due to his overwhelming love
and joy to welcome the baby into their lives, Dre Kali choose to produce a song for his baby girl
titling it “Sonia.”

Music Career

Dre Cali started his music career back when he was in Senior three when he went to studio
neighboring his grandmother’s house known as Sous Studio from where he recorded some of
his first songs.

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Later, he choose to specialize in contemporary Raggae as well as dancehall music. The fact that
he is a great song writer can not be under looked especially after he released songs such as
”Ekifuba,” ”Ewaluma,” “Zig zag,” as well as collaborations with other artistes.

Currently, he is signed to local music label Mpaka Records owned by Ykee Benda and although
people sing praises to Dre Cali, he loves to attribute all his success to his current boss Ykee

Dre Cali Net worth

As of 2021, Dre Cali’s net worth is estimated to be between $110,000 to $200,000 although his earning is surely growing over time and seeing as he is just a new artists trying to find his stand in the
music industry.

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