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Dr Hamza set to give Almeca hospital a new refreshing look and standard

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Dr Hamza Ssebunya has promised that since he is the new proprietor of Almeca hospital, he will give it a sophisticated and refreshing look.

During an interview, he revealed that since he and wife Rema Namakula acquired the hospital, their aim was not only to use it as a business venture but also to turn it into an exception hospital.

“We did not only acquire the facility…but our mission is to put it to the standard. I will not tell you how much we bought it because that’s not a big issue. What is important is that people should know Almeca will become one of the best hospitals in the Eastern Region”, he informed.

He also went into insight and informed that they acquired the property due its location. Since Jinja is a new city, it is definitely lucrative for business ventures to prosper even better than in the central city of Kampala.

“I developed an interest to buy the facility in Jinja because I looked at the business aspect and the service delivery in jinja. Also, since Jinja is a city now really makes someone invest their monies in Jinja rather than Kampala. I want to assure the people of Uganda that we are going to set up other branches of Almeca Hospital in other parts of the country”, he further explained.

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This comes shortly after the couple went to Dubai to celebrate Rema Namakula’s thirtieth birthday in style, looks like it’s time for the couple to focus on business.



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