Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to step up as Cavendish University’s next Chancellor

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Cavendish University, Uganda has announced the appointment of former President of Nigeria Goodluck Jonathan as her next Chancellor.

He will be the university’s third Chancellor after H.E Benjamin Mkapa who once served as the President of Tanzania and the university’s second Chancellor before he passed on and H.E Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, the former President of Zambia that was the university’s first Chancellor.

H.E Dr. Goodluck Jonathan is expected to take over office officially on the 26th of August, 2021 when he will preside over the awarding of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates during the university’s 10th graduation at Commonwealth Resort Munyonyo.

The newly appointed Chancellor H.E Dr. Goodluck Jonathan holds a PhD in Zoology from the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, he also served as the Governor of Bayelsa State, Vice President of Nigeria and was the 14th President of Nigeria after being elected into power in 2014.

As a Chancellor, some of the duties that H.E Dr. Goodluck Jonathan will be expected to execute include overseeing major university ceremonies especially graduations, promoting the image of the university, providing knowledge and strategic thinking to the university aimed at enhancing provision of high quality education.

All these should be in line with the university’s mission which basically aims at transforming and inspiring students to attain full potential in the sectors of employment, entrepreneurship and ethical leadership.

Professor Olubayi Olubayi the University’s Council Chairperson said the Chancellor incumbent was selected from a wide range of African leaders for his uniqueness as the best candidate to run the university as he said;

“The new Chancellor was appointed following a rigorous search among eminent African leaders distinguished for their ingenuity and commitment to the promotion of Education and Social Development in Africa, and following the recommendation of the University’s Advisory Council.”

Due to his love for quality education, H.E Dr. Goodluck Jonathan was the best candidate for the position as one of his famous saying are; “If we do not spend billions educating our youth today, we will spend it fighting insecurity tomorrow. And you do not have to spend on education just because of insecurity. It is also the prudent thing to do.”

According to Professor John Mugisha, the University Vice Chancellor, the university is greatly pleased to welcome their new Vice Chancellor and they believe it is an honour to have him as he said;

“The entire fraternity of Cavendish University Uganda is very pleased and honoured that such a respected and distinguished achiever has agreed to provide us with leadership, following in the footsteps of other distinguished African leaders that have occupied the same position before. We look forward to his wise counsel in supporting the university to achieve its new mission of transforming and inspiring students to reach their full potential in employment, entrepreneurship and ethical leadership.”

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