Dr. Angela Kakishozi, Museveni’s Daughter Introduces Tumukunde’s son Amanya in a Lovely Ceremony

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Dr. Angela Kakishozi, the beloved daughter of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni introduced her fiancée and lover Amanya Tumukunde to her parents.

This introduction ceremony was held at their home in Lyatonde District.

It’s well known that Amanya is the son of former Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde and Kakishozi’s mother is Enid Kukunda.

The function was attended by President Museveni’s brothers, Shedrick Nzeire and Michael Nuwagira and close family members.

The couple that hails from Rukungiri district is set to wed soon, according to sources.

Amanya and Dr. Angela Kakishozi got close while both pursuing their degrees in Malaysia.

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