Weasel and Dre Cali collaborate in new “singa omanyi” song.

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Goodlyfe Weasel and Dre Cali have collaborated to realize a new “singa omanyi” audio set to be realized soon.

The duo ha promised that the song is like no other that has been played on our cassettes before and is sure to have us on our feet and dancing immediately after a minute or less of listening to it.

In a recent tweet by Weasel, he warned that no one is ready for what is yet to be revealed in his work that he put together with vocalist and melodious voiced Dre Cali.

His post read “I don’t think you are ready for this…Give me the fire, if you ready Dre Cali” and this has left us all on tenterhooks as we await what the pair has in store for us.

People have often bashed singer Weasel to team up with Dre Cali as they believe he may be the solutions to Goodlyfe’s dilemma that has not been solved since the sudden death of Radio in 2018.

Although Dre Cali has only been on the scene for hardly a year and a half, his vocals have grabbed the audiences’ attention for him. He is known for many of his songs like his ”ebisoka nebisembayo.”


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Singa Omanyi HD Audio by Dre Cali ft Weasel Manizo

Hopefully, this yet to be realized song shall answer the questions of inquisitive minds on whether Dre Cali and Weasel can work together or not. Stay tuned for the audio and be the first to determine if the duo could prosper musically.

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