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Don zella warns Remmie over her Casanova fiancé

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The introduction was set to be on Saturday for Remmie and new fiancée who has been Identified as raymond.

However Nalongo Sheila Don Zella doesn’t approve of this and has come out to mask off Raymond and his shady secrets who proposed to Precious Remmie on Tuesday saying he is a cheater who only wants fame.

The news of her engagement barely spent a day out when his secrets and name were spilled by his ex lovers.

The diaspora based socialite Don Zella alleges that she knows so much dirty information about Raymond whom she met on July 16th at her show.

Don Zella says that when they met, she asked Raymond if he had a girlfriend and he declined before taking her to his place.

Don Zella says that Raymond does not really love Precious Remmie and that he is only after fame before asking her not to marry him.

“I was with this ka man on my show on July 16th nga kabebera kalinga embuzi. I asked him do you have a girlfriend mbu nooo era nekegana the whole night. When the night ended we drove to his ka house, he has a little pee pee soft like oba ki? Loke a child. I said eh! So (I’ve) been suprised okalaba nga kali matala.”

“He loves fame sister otomedemu. Anyways congratulations. Kayinza okuwa empapula notandikirawo but sente myeeeee. Kagala fame nkamanyiii nyooo nyoooo let him come defend himself. Mpozi he changed in two months otherwise otomedde.”

Don Zella then followed up her allegations with different photos and videos showing Raymond proposing to different other women.

In another post, Don Zella revealed how she received information revealing that Raymond already dumped a pregnant lady whom he proposed to earlier.

“Information reaching our desk that the first angagement lady is pregnant with Raymond’s child whom he dumped and went to remmie waffe wabula lero nkoze olugambo…,” Don Zella wrote.

Don Zella is not the only one spilling secrets and the motive behind the attacks has been questioned by netizens.
Precious Remmie has not commented on the allegations but they only keep piling up. We await to see how this unfolds further.

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