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Don Zella Warns Precious Not To Fall for a Ring

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As everyone is congratulating Nakiito Remy commonly known by her stage name Precious Remmie, Don Zella has something else to say.

Following the romantic proposal that happened a few days ago, where Remmie painted social media red with her engagement pictures. She has received all congratulation messages minus that one message that left everyone confused.

On the pictures that are making rounds on social media. Don Zella has come out to warn Precious about her boyfriend. She says knows the guy Remmie is calling her “Cocktail” is going to just use her for fame. She added saying that she met him sometime in July. When asked if he had a girlfriend, he was quick to say he is single. To confirm the truth she has asked Remmie to ask his boyfriend if he knows Don Zella and his reaction will tell shock her.

“Bambi remmie don’t marry that ka guy nkalinako bwino kagenda kukutomeza just ask him do you know Don Zella u will see how his eyes turn red. I was with this ka man on July 16th nga kabebela kali nga embuzi. I asked him do you have a girlfriend mbu nooo ela nikagana the whole night.”

In addition, “When the night ended we drove to his ka house. He has a little pee pee soft like oba ki? Like a child I said eh, so have been suprised okulaba nga kali matala he loves fans sister otomede.

However, she continued, “Anyways congratulations kayingawokukuwa empapula notandikilawo naye sente myeeee kagala fame nkamanyi nyonyo let him come defend her self” she wrote.


Precious Remmie engaged

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