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Don Zella Advises Artists To venture into Other Businesses

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Don Zella has advised Ugandan artists to venture into other businesses. As concerts stay suspended in the time of trying to curb COVID-19. Many artists are struggling to make ends meet because they have literally used all their savings and they are now on the verge of taking loans.

However, even those that are doing good are very grateful to all companies that gave them the ambassadorial gigs in this lockdown. It is evident that they have gravely helped them because all artists miss making shows because it’s their most source of income.

However, a one Don Zella has come out to remind them that it is not to late for them to venture into other businesses. She says that many artists tend to only concentrate on music as their major source of income forgetting they can do other things alongside music.

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“Musicians need to look outside music. They need to venture into other businesses. Music is yes a big deal but in days like these one needs to have a backup business.” She said.

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