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Did Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine really get married? Here is the entire truth

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Social media has been thrown into a ball of excitement after musicians Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine released pictures that made it appear like they were at a wedding ceremony.

However, it raises the question of whether this is true or false seeing as there hasn’t been any history whatsoever of a romantic engagement between the two so it would be a great wonder if indeed they got married.

This right away sends indicators for us to question the supposed engagement between the two which makes us wonder if indeed Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine are really married or are we reading deeper into pictures.

Secondly, if indeed it was a marriage between the two, then it would have read Lydia Jazmine introduces Wycliffe Tugume as Ykee Benda cannot use his stage name in such an official event such as a traditional marriage.

It is upon these premises that we have drawn a conclusion that the duo may simply be working on a music project and although there’s no song title whatsoever to validate this stand, it seems like the most logical circumstance to unite Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine in Holy matrimony.

This is not the first time such images have sent social media into a wave of excitement, a similar event happened after a pregnant-looking Sheebah released pictures on social media that convinced everyone she was pregnant.

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However, later people were awoke to the reality that it was all part of the “kale mama” make since she was required to appear like a pregnant lady at some point. So let’s not rush and wait for the yet-to-be-dropped collabo in between Ykee Benda and Lydia Jazmine.

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