Did Jose Chameleon Just Drink the Sanitizer in Studio?

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Basing on a video clip on Galaxy FM’s Instagram page, singer Jose Chameleon is seen sanitizing
his mouth against the deadly Covid-19. Something that seems like drinking it though.

With the surge in the number of patients affected by covid-19, the singer seems to be on his
best behavior to ensure that he is not affected by the virus which many Ugandans are already
battling with.

Just as protocol demands, Jose Chameleon sanitizes his hands, then the microphone which he is
going to use for speaking and to the shock of many people the singer goes an extra mile to
sanitize his mouth.

However, we shall lot blame Jose Chameleon too much seeing as the music fraternity has also been
affected by the massive effects of the virus.

Not only has business been halted for the citizens that have dedicated their lives entirely to
entertaining us but also, many of them have either got sick or lost loved ones to the
coronavirus disease.

Artistes like Ykee Benda and Catherine Kusasira have come ought to narrate their struggles at
the mercies of the virus that has already claimed more souls than we can count in one hand yet
it still grabs more lives.

Even Gagamel boss felt the pinch as his baby mama Zuena narrated how her health steadily but
surely declined after she learnt that she had contracted the virus and thought she could contain
it at home.

In worse situations, artists have come out to mourn loss of their loved ones from Covid-19 as
singer and the hostel actress Helen Lukoma also eulogized her father recently who life was cut
shot by the virus.

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Such circumstances must have lead Leone island boss Jose Chameleon to sanitize his mouth
due to worry that the virus may have slipped through and they was running after it. However, sanitizers contain harmful chemicals so it would be wiser to avoid internal consumption as they are solely made for external use.

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