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Did Evelyn Lagu pay her bills or she is choking on debts – Whole Truth

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A few days ago, rumor was circulating on how Evelyn Lagu was in debt and couldn’t not leave Turkey where she had gone for a kidney transplant.

Evelyn Lagu had a pending hospital bill and and also didn’t have enough transport money. However it is now evident that she was able to pay her bills and also got a balance to bring her back to Uganda.

While on appearing on SparkTV, Lagu was asked on how she managed to get the money she needed.She responded to this saying that she received help from her friends Janat and Tina who choose to be off camera.

Although, Lagu was able to pay her bills and come back to Uganda She is still under treatment because she was not able to have a kidney transplant and also she found a heart with a problem which left her with no choice but to accept and leave with the disease beca that’s is why the lord has chosen.

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“Reaching Turkey I was not able to have a kidney transplant because the doctor told me that my body system is weak and also my heart has a problem. I couldn’t remain in Turkey because I had spent every penny I had and the only option was to come back and do some small business as I live with this because I need the money. I pay around 700-1M every time I go to visit the doctor.” She sorrowful said.




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