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Desire Luzinda cries over being objectified as a sex toy

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Years have passed since the nudes of Desire Luzinda rocked the media scene and although she has learnt to leave even passed that tragedy, to her shock people still view her in the same light.

While appearing during a BBC News interview,the Ugandan singer revealed how the tragic happening has affected her life to date even after she learnt how to live past the event which rocked the country back in 2014.

At the time, the curvy celebrity’s nudes were all over social media which were both full naked pictured as well as half-baked pictures shaming her to no end, however, the one time event has forever affected her.

Although people initially blamed Desire for what had happened, it was later revealed that it was her ex-Nigerian boyfriend Franklin Emuobor Ebenhron who had linked the nudes in a moment of rage over a disagreement the two had.

Even as time goes by, Desire Luzinda who later relocated to the United States reveals that the sadden event took a negative turn in her personal life as well as tarnishing her image as a celebrity in Uganda.

However, overtime Desire disclosed that she has learnt to wear a hard skin and see life even past the tragic event that affected her so much, she even went ahead to reveal that it inspires her to fight on.

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“I’m not ashamed of my story. If you are, the door is wide open and hey, do not stand in the door way you are blocking the traffic,” Desire Luzinda who currently runs a foundation to help vulnerable Ugandans.

Despite the fact that Desire Luzinda moved on from whatever happened at the time, she still went on to confess that some of her fans have never moved on from the happenings back then and still view her in that light.

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