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Daddy Andre Says it Was Just a Business Contract with Nina Roz

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Andrew Ojambo popularly known by his stage name Daddy Andre has crushed Nina Roz’s heart claiming their relationship was just a business contract that has come to an end.

In his statement, he made an analogy to his ex-girlfriend Angella Katumba claiming that just as it was a business contract with her so is it with recent ex Nina Roz.

“Just like Angella Katatumba, Nina Roz was not into a relationship. she had come for business. I have been sacrificing a lot to have her and also promote her music career but all was a waste,” says the Black Markets Records boss.

Adding salt to injury, he criticized Nina claiming that she is great lover of weed and could not even uphold the image of a Roz. He went a step further says she has drugged his name through mad which is not good for his reputation.

“Roz left roses and opted for weeds. she had started coming up with false allegations that I torture her using bloggers to tarnish my name. I have all the evidence. my friends warned me about her but I paid less attention. That is how much I loved her,” says Daddy Andre.

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Basing on recent, verbal exchanges, it appears that right from the duo’s introduction, down to the melodies of “Nangana,” “Andelea” and “Billboard,” the two were only chasing a business deal that has come to an untimely end.



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