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Daddy Andre – Nina Roz is fine & perfect, she doesn’t need rehabilitation

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Daddy Andre has said that ex-lover Nina Roz is in perfect condition and doesn’t need any sort of rehabilitation whatsoever.

This response was triggered after a section of social media-in laws came out and said that Nina Roz needed to go for rehabilitation as her lover Daddy Andre had said that she had run back to drugs.

Daddy Andre brushed off the concerns as he said that his ex-girlfriend is okay and doesn’t need to be taken for rehabilitation.

He went on to caution that people should stop paying attention to whatever they hear as it is not gospel truth and sometimes people play tricks aimed at attracting attention from the public.

In his words, he emphasized that celebrities are willing to do everything for the sake of drawing attention to themselves so people should stop following and believing whatever they hear.

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The couple has on a number of times made appearance in the public light over various issues which started with a rumoured breakup, followed by a clarification that they were still together only for Daddy Andre to announce the couple was no more.

With such dynamics, we have been left wondering what to believe and what not to. And to worsen things, Daddy Andre realized a statement that has left us all wondering if all what has been said was only for show.

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