Daddy Andre, Nina Roz Feature Andres Couper, Young F, Meli on Andele Remix

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Black Market Records official producer and singer Daddy Andre, songbird Nina Roz have appeared on Andele Remix. This song is one of the most selling from the two singers, and they have decided to re do it and include Andres Couper, Meli and Young F.

Breifly, this song Andele Remix is intended to introduce the singers in different markets of the countries each singer comes from. Andres Couper is a Columbian singer who has bought his name through banger tunes like, Columbiana. So Andele Remix will sell in Columbia as well as Andres Couper sell in Uganda.

On the other hand, Meli also features on the song, and we see it fly so high into the country of origin. On the same note, Young F also jumps on the monster tune to spice it up and make it a huger piece than the original version.

The song is directed by Hey Camilin and it is done under Black Market Records and Cartagena Vibes of Andres Couper. The song comes in a time when Daddy Andre and Nina Roz relationship is hitting rocks, and riding on a bumpy road. Enjoy Andele Remix.



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