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DaBaby Calls Police, Allegedly Attempts to Boot Baby Mama Off His Property

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DaBaby’s baby mama, DaniLeigh, claims the rapper called the police on her after attempting to boot her and their newborn daughter from his property.

“This man is mad because I had a plan b sent to his condo,” DaniLeigh, 26, claimed on social media following a very public an bizarre fight over Instagram Live . “All he wanna do is cum in me, with no responsibility.”

She went on to allege that he wants her out so he can “f–k on” other people. “This all goes to say that this man is a f–king coward !!!!!” she continued, adding that she wassleeping after cooking him dinner when he came in and tried to kick her out. “Ima learn and Ima grow … but this right here . ain’t it.. and Im sorry to my baby that her father is kicking her out her home at 3 months.”

Dababy and Danileigh


Meanwhile, DaBaby, 29, posted his own statement about the public spat, claiming that he was “threatened multiple times” with an “internet scheme” and was recording himself for safety and for “business done based on my reputation.”

He also claimed DaniLeigh was a person “refusing to not let me go,” and wrote, “I done been beat on and yelled at and chased around like one if them fatal attraction type girls.”

The rapper also said in his statement that he doesn’t want to press charges against DaniLeigh, but just wants her “peacefully removed.”

Apparently DaniLeigh and her daughter weren’t kicked out overnight because she popped up on DaBaby’s live the following morning. Things between the two appeared hostile still as he called her “coo coo for Cocoa Puffs” several times.

When he state hat he and DaniLeigh were never in a relationship , she laughed in the background.

“Shawty’s not my girl. Ain’t never been my girl. It’s my side [chick],” he said repeatedly as DaniLeigh told him to “shut up” before storming out of the room.

DaniLeigh came through with receipts about their relationship, though, posting several pics and videos of them together over the years —. Including a video of DaBaby telling her he loves her.

The couple were first linked in 2020 after DaBaby —. Who has another daughter from a previous relationship —. Featured DaniLeigh in his music video for “Levi High.”

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