COVILYCE moves Gulu residents to extreme joy

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Residents of Gulu are more than excited following the announcement by the city-based university over the recently found local remedy for Covid-19, COVILYCE.

Basing on Gulu University, the recently discovered local remedy is capable of relieving someone of Covid-19 symptoms in between 12-72 hours of exhibiting COVID-19 like symptoms.

COVILYCE has a package of four which include the suppositories which are tablets, Nosal drops that can also be used anally, in powder for and finally Linctus which is a 30ml syrup.

However, Dr. Alice Lamwaka, a Senior Lecturer at PharmBiotec says the drug is yet to be confirmed as they are still undergoing the necessary measures to ensure that it is 100% good for human consumption.

In line to the above, the National Drug Authority has warned Gulu University over distributing the drug on grounds that it is yet to be confirmed as the perfect treatment for the deadly Covid-19.

Despite all these warning signals, Gulu residents are extremely excited and can not help but run for the COVILYCE drug as though it is a hot cake on the market which can easily be attributed to the fear of the virus.

Recently, Ministry of Health had confirmed the usage of COVIDEX as a support treatment for coronavirus disease following it’s discovery by Mbarara University-based Professor Ogwang.

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Currently, the drug’s efficiency is being studied in the country before it can be exported to other countries to be used in the fight against Covid-19. Prof. Ogwang also dictated that Covidex shouldn’t be sold at beyond UGX 12,000 shillings and someone would require 3 doses in total, to fully recover hence UGX 36,000.

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