Comedy Queen Anne Kansime Engaged to Her Skylanta

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Queen of comedy Anne Kansime was bubbling with excitement as she showed off her engagement ring from her baby daddy Skylanta. The comedian could not contain her excitement as he ran to her socials to share the wonderful news of her engagement to lover boy Skylanta that sent social media into a wave of excitement after excitement.

While captioning the picture, Anne Kansime said that lover boy Skylanta had finally fulfilled the promise he made to her only a few months after they had their first baby Selassie which has only added to her joy.

She praised Skylanta saying she landed herself a lover for life and she could ask for no more, all that is left to do is to walk down the aisle and make their vows before man and God, to stay together forever.

In the same, Ann Kansime thank Skylanta for loving her right and to the bits even beyond her expectations as well as taking the risk to endure all her madness like no one else would ever be
able to.

A beautiful promise. I just might have gotten myself a life partner in Jox. Ninjas come help me
celebrate this precious moment. Skylanta akantukangye thank you for loving me and being my hiding place. Thank you for risking taking a chance on my madness. Kale am gonna love you, you don’t know nokudonno,” Anne Kansime posted on social media.

We ought to keep praying for Ann Kansime and lover Skylanta to make it to the alter together
and fulfil the promise of love that they made to each other.


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