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Comedian Patrick Salvado ‘under fire’ over Covid treatment post

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Comedian Salvado, originally known as Patrick Salvado, may be in big trouble following the post he shared on his treatment for COVID-19 with the whiskey he took at home.

The standup comedian and radio presenter stated this after he had been infected with the Omicron variant which scientists have described as one of the most contagious strains.

“Dear @KagutaMuseveni and @MinofHealthUG I tested positive for the Omicron virus some days ago, and after being consistent with drinking whiskey I’m now negative. Basically my home bar made me recover. Just imagine what opening bars will do for others. Are we together?” Patrick Salvado tweeted, attracting criticism from some of his followers who described his message as dark humour and hypocritical.

Patrick Salvado tweeted

However, one angry fan called Innocent Masengo responded saying “I find this quite absurd and irresponsible from a public figure. It is misleading and should be rejected with contempt. if it’s meant to be funny then it’s dark humor.”

Walter Mwesigye, a senior health reporter at NTV Uganda reacted by advising the comedian to refrain from advocating for irresponsible use of alcohol.

“Please don’t mislead the public. Recovery from the COVID19 infection is based on proven science and not home experiments. You’re also @HeartUganda (Uganda Heart Institute) ambassador, you can’t be advocating for irresponsible use of alcohol. Thank you,” Walter tweeted.

In his defence, Patrick Salvado insisted his tweet was about personal experience.

“I’m not misleading the public, that’s why I tagged the people I tagged. I shared a personal experience and you are complaining,” Patrick Salvado said.

Salvado’s tweet was made an hour before the Ministry of Health confirmed 1,272 new Covid-19 cases as infections on Wednesday shot to 137, 270 since March last year when the virus outbreak was confirmed in the country.

According to the ministry’s statement, at least 3,287 Ugandans have succumbed to the virus while 98,357 have recovered since March last year.

So far, 11,377,067 vaccine doses have been administered in Uganda. However, there are 69 active cases admitted at health facilities across the country, according to the government.

On December 31, President Yoweri Museveni is expected to address Ugandans on the Covid-19 situation and reopening the economy. Bars and entertainment venues are some of the businesses that have been under the virus-induced lockdown since March last year.

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In one of his televised addresses, President Museveni said he would not open the bars because

“I don’t trust drunkards; they are never sober”.

However, in what appeared to be a change of strategy, the president recently said he would fully reopen the economy in January 2022.

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