Collabos Help us Build Each Other – Sheebah Karungi

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Team No Sleep songstress Sheebah Karungi has explained that collabos are meant to ensure that
musicians build each other.

Well we all know that Sheebah Karungi is fond of producing collabos with other artistes and in case you
were wondering what are reasons are, Sheebah explained that it is because collabos usually
help artists build each other.

The sensational singer Sheebah Karungi has produced collabos with Ugandan based artists King Saha, Selecta Jeff, Chance Nalubega, Sama Sojah as well as some of the artists on the international scene
such Roberto, Orezi.

We can confidently say Sheebah has fully captured the art of producing the perfect collabos
with various artists no wonder most of the collabos she produces right away become the most
listened to songs.

Through collabos, Sheebah Karungi has helped some artists to gain full attention on the music scene for
example through her collabo with Ykee Benda in the Farmer remix, he captured the music
scene and now runs his own Mpaka music label.

From Sheebah’s perspective, collabos are essential for artists so that they can improve while
helping other to improve too as she said, “Collaborations are the in thing. I don’t do them
because I’m supposed to but deeply we are helping and building each other.

While speaking about collabos, Sheebah also called upon other artists to feel free and contact
her so that they can work on some collabos together. She discouraged them from shying away
from their true intentions.

In all honesty, every artiste in Uganda can work with me. Sometimes we love people but we won’t show them so if you love someone and want to work with them, approach them,” she added.

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In deed Sheebah Karungi has become the Queen of collabos over time as she has fully mastered the art
to work hand in hand with artists so as to produce a perfect piece like she did with Carol
Nantogo in their ”silwana” collabo.

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