Cindy introduces hubby in a lavish ceremony 2021

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The dance hall singer Cindy, originally known as Cinderella Sanyu aka King Herself, introduced her fiance Joel
Akita to her parents in a lavish ceremony.

Cindy didn’t want to give birth to her second child before introducing her boyfriend to her
parents officially.

The beautiful ceremony was held this weekend and Cindy was seen dressed in a long and
baggy purple dress with her maids dressed in matching attires.

The heavily pregnant singer is set to walk down the aisle on December 11. The couple held their
last wedding meeting on November 27.

The decor was kept simple with vibrancy and the fashion was as well easy to the eye,
something which her fans on social media applauded.

During her Kukyala event which happened in May, she kept it simple; wearing only a kikoyi
styled with simple accessories and later changed into a Kinyoro traditional attire.

Cindy is heavily pregnant with fiance Joel Akitu who expects to give birth anytime soon. However, she has her first child from her previous relationship and ex lover Mario Brunette.


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Joel met Cindy at a film shoot that was dubbed ‘Bella’ where Cindy featured as actress and Joel
was director of photography. It was from then that they started dating and began their romance

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