Chillies Restaurant Manager Murdered over Ugx. 400,000

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Former employee of Chillies restaurant Nelson Enos Ofwono also known as Nelson Victor Ochien has confessed to have murdered his former 30-year old boss Isaac Omugur over a sum of Shs. 400,000.

Police was able to next down Ofwono after they paid a visit to his rented house in Katooke Zone B , Nansana municipality in Wakiso district. During their search, they were able to revive the sim cards of the deceased which matches the fact that the murderer was in the video seen taking Shs. 20,000 from Omugur’s pocket together with two of his mobile phone.

Aside from the sim card, the clothes that ex Chillies restaurant employee Enos Ofwono was wearing that day according to the CCTV footage were found in his house further incriminating him.

When this new piece of evidence was found, Enos Ofwono admitted to the police as informed by Kampala Metropolitan deputy police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire, to have committed the crime over a sum of Shs. 400,000 which he allegedly lent to Omugur who had refused to pay back.

Upon interrogation, the suspect admitted to have killed Omugar whom he accused of not paying him money totaling to shs400,000. It is alleged that Ofwono lent the money to Omugar but hopes to pay back were dashed after he was laid off at Chillies Restaurant due to the stress that Coronavirus put on the food business,” Owoyesigyire said in a statement.

On the fateful day, the suspect not only killed his former Chillies restaurant manager, but also robbed a sum of Shs. 300,000 that was on the table.


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On the fateful day, Ofwono pretended that he had gone to Chillies to pick his shoes he left behind. At the restaurant, the suspect stabbed the Omugar and robbed shs300,000 shillings that was on the table,”Owoyesigyire further said.

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